Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of coloring at work

Photo of employees coloring

A large group of employees came out to relax with a few crayons.

This week, the LITS Wellness Committee unveiled a new way to ease the stress of the workday by coloring. In a partnership with a LEAF coffee event, employees were able to see if they could draw inside the lines and express themselves with colorful crayons, pencils, and markers.

Not just a pastime for children, research shows that the act of coloring helps reduce stress. According to psychologist Ben Michaelis, “The fact that coloring is structured activates the logic part of the brain, and generates a creative mindset.” By centering on this activity, the part of the brain that manages stress, the amygdala, gets to rest. The Wellness Committee posted signs that said the therapeutic benefits of coloring include:

  • improved focus during meetings and presentations
  • stress relief to relax and rejuvenate
  • productive play to bring out your creative side
Photo of crayons

Research shows that the act of coloring helps reduce stress.

The event packed the house in the Woodruff Library 1st floor break room. “When thinking about activities we could bring to LITS, we wanted to do something that everyone could enjoy,” said Jenn Young, Vice Chair of the LITS Wellness Committee. “Coloring for adults is becoming a trend, and for good reason – it’s fun, relaxing, and anyone can do it.  It was a perfect fit.”

Coloring supplies and pages are now permanently available in a coloring station in that break room. The committee is testing this space with ideas of potentially creating coloring spaces in other LITS locations.

The committee is accepting donations of coloring supplies and is accepting artist line drawings for the coloring supply. To help, please contact Julie Newton, who put a lot of work into acquiring supplies for the room and is excited about the artistic talents in the division.

“We’re happy that the LEAF event was such a success,” added Young, “and we encourage everyone to try out the coloring station the next time they feel like a creative break.”

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