Update from HR

Graphic with "Comings & Goings"

Regular Conversions:

  • Fole Gailor, Dept. Computing Support Specialist I, reporting to Dwayne Hamrick, effective 2/1/16. (contract to staff) (…bio coming soon)
  • Samuel Timme, Academic Technology Specialist II, reporting to Lee Clontz, effective 1/25/16 (student to staff) (…read about Sam here)
  • Olivia Underwood, Access Administrator I, reporting to Anne Marie Alexander, effective 2/28/16. (…bio coming soon)


  • Musa Varachhia, Network Engineer II, reporting to Mike Politinsky, effective 1/25/16. (…read about Musa here)
  • Jason Nguyen, Network Engineer I, reporting to Scott Davis, effective 2/2/16. (…bio coming soon)
  • Aryabrata Basu, Visual Information Specialist, reporting to Wayne Morse, effective 2/3/16. (…read about Arya here)
  • Arnold Dawson, Communications Specialist I, reporting to James Sawyer, effective 2/15/16.  (…read about Arnold here)
  • Bernard Browning, Communications Specialist I, reporting to James Sawyer, effective 2/15/16.  (…read about Bernard here)
  • Quincy Thomas Jr., Communications Specialist I, reporting to Tommy Barwick, effective 2/15/16.  (…read about Quincy here)
  • Lauren Fowler, Sr. Scholarly Repository Specialist, reporting to Lisa Macklin, effective 2/15/16. (…read about Lauren here)
  • Leslie Wingate, Director, Campus and Community Relations, reporting to Yolanda Cooper, effective 1/25/16. (…read about Leslie here)
  • Rosalyn Metz, Director, Library Technology & Digital Strategies, reporting to Yolanda Cooper, effective 3/1/16. (…read about Rosalyn here)
  • Yang Li, Software Engineer, Sr., reporting to Alex Thomas, effective 3/1/16. (…bio coming soon)
  • Erinn Graham, Project Manager II, reporting to Felicia Bianchi, effective 3/2/16. (…read about Erinn here)


  • Tech Ops Center-Night, Eric Mangum’s last day was 1/29/16.
  • University Librarian, Susan Bailey’s last day was 3/3/16.
  • Business Administration, Linda Nodine’s last day was 3/4/16.
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