Sam Timme, Academic Technology Specialist II, Academic Technology Services

Photo of new employee

“I’ve got a great set of coworkers who are really concerned with helping faculty to teach their best,” said Sam Timme.

Sam Timme (pronounced “Timmy”) is an academic technology specialist and has been working mainly on Blackboard and Canvas. Since starting full time, Sam has been learning more of the back-end management of both systems, specifically how to access the database directly and analyze some of the data points from that perspective. He started at Emory as a student worker.

A native of Omaha, NE, Sam received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and French from Creighton University. He also has a master’s degree in philosophy from Emory and is working on his philosophy PhD.

In terms of hobbies, Sam enjoys cooking, when he has time. He’s a vegetarian and likes collecting many different cookbooks. “I’m working through one called Bitter. My favorite time-intensive dish lately has been malai kofta, which is an Indian recipe for a potato dumpling with a spiced tomato sauce. Sam also enjoys video games and has an interest in stand-up comedy. Lately he’s been enjoying the comedians who podcast about comedy, such as Marc Maron and Pete Holmes.

“I’ve got a great set of coworkers who are really concerned with helping faculty to teach their best using the online resources that we provide,” said Sam. “After working on the Canvas pilot, I think it will be a better option for everyone, all things considered.”

You can reach Sam at stimme [at] emory [dot] edu.

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