HR honors 2016 Significant Contribution Award winners

Rob Renner

Rob Renner announces the 2016 LITS Significant Contribution Award winners.

One of the highlights of this month’s LITS All Staff Meeting was the announcement of the FY16 Significant Contribution Award winners. This is the second year that LITS HR has presented these awards.

The Significant Contribution Awards recognize individual or team/group contributions toward significant, milestone LITS division achievements during the fiscal year, while also exemplifying organizational values.

The awards are given based on five award categories:

  1. Teamwork and Collaboration: Recognizes significant contributions to building a sense of community in the LITS division, or with LITS customers and patrons, i.e., promotes teamwork and collaboration and models Emory values while advancing the work of the LITS division in an exceptional way.
  2. Operational Excellence/Exceptional Service: Recognizes exemplary customer service or ensured the delivery of exemplary service for the LITS user community.
  3. Creativity/Innovation: Recognizes the creation or implementation of a new product, process improvement, or service which promotes efficiency, productivity, quality, or process simplification.
  4. Community Relations/Citizenship:  Recognizes demonstrated commitment to the public good, through the use of one’s talents and abilities, resulting in positive community or cultural impact.
  5. Leadership: Recognizes vision and leadership in making a significant, positive impact on LITS staff, customers, products, services, or results while exemplifying Emory values.

Kim Powell (center) with nominators Sandra Franklin (left) and Amy Allison (right). Not pictured is nominator Patti Pate.

Introduced by the divisional director of HR, Rob Renner, each recipient or recipient group was briefly recognized on stage by one of their nominators. This year’s individual recipients were:

  • Kim Powell for the Emory FIRST Publications Module
  • Oliver Smith for Sciences Commons Services
  • Alex Cooper for the Alma Implementation
  • Lisa Hamlett for the Alma and LSC Projects
  • Shailesh Nair for the Clinical Data Warehouse Feed

A few members of the Neurology Salesforce and INI Team. From L to R: Monica Crubezy (nominator), Circe Tsui, Jocelyn Ramirez, Rachelle Jones, and Yuanyuan Sui.

Team recipients included:

  • Courtney Chartier, Gabrielle Dudley, Heather Oswald, and Kathy Shoemaker (Rose Library Research Services Team)
  • Kelly Bray, Rachelle Jones, RJ Hrishikesh, Pengpeng (Lucy) Liu, Keith Long, Sharon Mason, Mike Panetta, Jocelyn Ramirez, Joshua Spillers, Yuanyuan Sui, Circe Tsui, and Richard Xing (Neurology Salesforce and INI Team)
  • Alex Cooper, Bernardo Gomez, Elizabeth Mumpower, Jon Bodnar, Kristian Serrano, Laura Akerman, Emily Porter, and Nik Dragovic (Library Technology and Digital Strategies Team)
  • Andy Efting, Derek Spransy, Elliot Kendall, Graydon Kirk, Haniya Vaid, Kaven Moodley, Gerry Hall, James Reed, Darrell Durggin, Chris Alexander, Michael Davidson, Dean Schuh, Daniel Palmer, Danny Bridges, Vince Tran, and Joel Burke (Duo/Two Factor Authentication Team)
  • James Reed, Jymbellyn Carthon, Terry Markert, Josh Kriner, Jamalh Lagrone, Chris Alexander, Darrell Durggin, and Joel Harris (Office 365 Migration Team)
  • Melvin Dozier, Derrick Kelly, Laura Smith, Stephen Bottinelli, Bernard Sanders, Musa Varachhia, Joe Head, Jiann-Ming Su, Chad Street, Norman Butler, John Anderson, Alex Berry, Perry Eidson, David Topper, Vince Vaughn, Jason Nguyen, and Jimmy Kincaid (Core Migration Team)
  • Kathy Dixson, John Klingler, Gretchen Warner, Randall Burkett, Pellom McDaniels, Heather Oswald, Kyle Fenton, Brian Methot, Paige Knight, Julie Newton, Saundra Barrett, Steve Bransford, Chase Lovellette, Jon Bodnar and Kristian Serrano (Billops-Hatch Exhibition Team)

Please take time to congratulate these deserving colleagues.

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