Jesse P. Karlsberg, Senior Digital Scholarship Strategist, Emory Center of Digital Scholarship


“It’s been really exciting working on my projects in ECDS. The opportunity for collaboration is outstanding.” – Jesse P. Karlsberg

Jesse P. Karlsberg is the new Senior Digital Scholarship Strategist in the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship. Jesse contributes to Readux, where he consults on the platform’s annotation and export functionality. He is the series editor for Sounding Spirit, a collection of editions using Readux, and edited the first volume in the series: a digital critical edition of Original Sacred Harp.

Additionally, Jesse serves as managing editor and an editorial board member of Atlanta Studies, a scholarly magazine on metropolitan Atlanta, and coordinates the Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern project. He also assists ECDS with managing its projects’ processes and with strategy.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Jesse came to Atlanta to join the PhD program at Emory’s Institute for the Liberal Arts. He earned a bachelor’s degree in music and philosophy at Wesleyan University and a master’s degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. At RPI, he participated in a distinctive MFA program that emphasizes electronic media. After earning his PhD in 2010, Jesse joined ECDS as its postdoctoral fellow in digital humanities publishing. He completed his post doc studies in August 2016. Jesse’s scholarly research examines race and place in American music, focusing on shape-note singing.

For fun, Jesse enjoys singing from The Sacred Harp, and also teaching others how to sing throughout the US and Europe.

“It’s been really exciting working on my projects in ECDS and to help facilitate the projects of others,” Jesse says. “The opportunity for collaboration that the center affords is outstanding, and is a great boon to our work advancing publishing, research, and teaching at Emory.”

You can reach Jesse at jesse [dot] p [dot] karlsberg [at] emory [dot] edu.

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