Cox Hall wins 2016 Building Recycling Competition

Photo of Cox Hall

Cox Hall recently won the campus-wide Building Recycling Competition.

Cox Hall recently won the campus-wide Building Recycling Competition, according to the reigning sustainability employee of the year, Dawn Francis-Chewning. The award was $3,000 that can be put toward sustainable initiatives in the building.

Following a successful collaboration to do composting at the Woodruff Library, where Dawn worked with Marc Hardison and Marty Ike to launch the composting program in the common area, Dawn proposed to her manager Tony Shiver that they realign the bins in the Computing Center to include compost collection.

Dawn applied for an incentive grant with the Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) for additional bins and labels, and in the spring they successfully brought composting to the Computing Center.

“There was so much food going to the landfill from this space, it seemed an awesome win,” said Dawn. “Turns out it was 7000 pounds of win!” Tara McCurley helped with bin selection and placement, and staff and students all pitched in to make it a success.

The Computing Center is sharing the win with Emory Food Service, which is also located in Cox Hall and also participated.

Other LITS spaces fared well in the competition. The Woodruff Library finished third and the North Decatur Building finished ninth out of over 60 Emory buildings that participated.

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