William Boney III, Technical Operations Manager, Network Operations Center

Photo of new employee

“I am impressed with the team I have inherited and the collaboration efforts of my peers.” – William Boney III

William Boney III is the new daytime manager of the Network Operations Center (NOC) in NDB. Before coming to Emory, William worked at AT&T, where his last position was a four-year stint as a senior technical manager for Centers Tools & Technology in AT&T’s Operations UVERSE sector. He worked for 17 years at AT&T, spending eight years as a senior IT support analyst, as well as a network manager and technical support manager.

A native of Atlanta’s Kirkwood community, William received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Savannah State University.

William enjoys spending time with his wife, who is a veterinarian, and his kids, whom he actively supports  at swim meets and soccer games. When time permits, William enjoys fishing with friends, mentoring kids, and volunteering within the Savannah State alumni organization. He attends Atlanta Falcons games, enjoys training three dogs, assists his wife at low-cost vaccinations clinics, and officiates high school football and basketball games.

“I am impressed with the team I have inherited and the collaboration efforts of my peers,” said William. “They have taught me a lot in such a brief time.”

You can reach him at william [dot] boney [dot] iii [at] emory [dot] edu.

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