Game Day also enjoys record numbers

LITS employees enjoying Game Day (L to R): Jeselyn Rhodes, Liz Lucabaugh, Addison Jones, Lisa Cogdill, Kenyon Register.

One of the positive aspects of hosting Game Day immediately after the inaugural LITS Employee Appreciation Party and in the same building? Rollover attendance.

LITS Game Day enjoyed its largest crowd since Tara McCurley became director of the facility. “We had about 340 people come through our turnstiles this year, which is up by over 100 from last year,” says Tara. “It was exciting to see so many LITS staff in our space. They brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm.”

Cecilia Bolich and Jenn Sutcliffe run trivia.

The event host a variety of game opportunities, from board games and puzzles to gaming consoles and even an HTC Vive virtual reality headset, where employees saved the universe from the zombie apocalypse.

Team Trivia was once again a major highlight of the event. Led by Cecilia Bolich and Jenn Sutcliffe, the competition included 12 teams. The winning team was the Fifth Law of Thermodynamics and was made up of Katie Sparks, Laura Trittin, Lawrence Hamblin, Kelly Kautt, and Lisa Granholm, all of whom work in Emory Libraries. Second place went to the team of Tom Vincent, Lee Clontz, Adam Forrester, Lindsay Narbeth, and Kathy Hayes.

Trivia winners! (L to R): Katie Sparks, Laura Trittin, Lisa Granholm, Lawrence Hamblin, and Kelly Kautt.

The poker tournament was won by Jose Holguin Cruz, whose Ace-King, “Big Slick” in poker parlance, won the final hand.

Special thanks goes to the team that put the event together:

Organizing Committee: Kim Braxton, Amelia Frances, Tara McCurley, Rob Renner

Trivia: Cecilia Bolich and Jenn Sutcliffe

Jose Holguin Cruz and his winning hand.

Poker: Wade Moricle

Setup and game donations: Michael Buchmann, Derek Butler, Haynes Chewning, Lee Clontz, Jay Clement, Adam Forrester, Dawn Francis-Chewning, Tricia Goddard, Anthony Hess, Robin Horton, Robert Kruse, Alex Kyrychenko, Khadijah Muhammad, Lindsay Narbeth, Linda Richardson, and Sam Timme.

See you next year! If you have any feedback about the event, please send to Tara McCurley.

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