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October LEAF Corner

The Library Employee Advocacy Forum (LEAF) is facilitating a monthly newsletter feature to keep library staff informed about advocacy-related information at Emory. Level 1 breakroom updates A newsletter item on the breakroom effort from August 2019 can be found here. Milestone update as of 10/4/2019 Step 1: COMPLETE: Remove 2 upper cabinets and old ice machine. […]

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Pet of the Week: Dougie

Dougie Jones Morgan-Adams (AKA Mr. Jackpots), aptly named after the Twin Peaks: The Return character, is a recent addition to our home. Over Mother’s Day weekend, I made the delightful mistake of just “looking around” at the Humane Society in my hometown and found Dougie. A charmer from the start, I took him home to […]

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New LEAF Committee announced

The newest version of the Library Employee Advocacy Forum (LEAF) has been announced. LEAF’s vision is to bolster a community where each person can feel empowered to succeed. The committee is comprised of members elected by each of the library’s departments and terms usually last two years. LEAF serves as a liaison between the University Librarian […]

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