Auto-Routing Blackboard Tickets to Tier-1

Photo of Athan Gillette

Athan Gillette (Service Desk) working on a Blackboard ticket.

One of the benefits of having a talented University Service Desk is that administrative tasks that have been handled at Tier-2 in the past can now be resolved at Tier-1 (the front door) through proper training and a focus on knowledge-centered support (KCS).

Previously, the Blackboard (Bb) team has always maintained a listserv where users could generate an email that would convert to a ticket in ServiceNow. This ticket would automatically route to the Learning Management Team for processing and these tickets were primarily administrative.

After some outstanding training and documentation, the Service Desk now performs initial resolution and processing of all Bb listserv tickets. This allows Tier-2 to complete other tasks and gives them the bandwidth to generate new processes and ideas.

The training was performed primarily by Kathy Hayes and Leah Chuchran (both of Academic Technology Services) in January. Sandra Butler (Enterprise Applications) was responsible for the documentation and also did some of the training. Since the switch, Tier-1 has been able to resolve a significant number of Blackboard tickets.

The first step in this transfer was to create a reference guide that outlines the processes and procedures for resolving requests and incidents. The guide is stored in the KnowledgeBase (KB) and is a handy way for the Service Desk to get the information they need without needing to contact Tier-2.

This effort is the latest in a series of transfers to the Service Desk, including Tier-1 support of the Law School last October. The Service Desk recently took control of the tasks for Amcom Mobile Connect. Jason Stanaland (Infrastructure) performed the training and completed the Knowledge Articles. Additionally, thanks to training and documentation from Jymbellyn Carthon (Infrastructure), the Service Desk now handles some of the administrative tasks for Lync.

In other recent changes in operations and knowledge-centered support, all after-hours calls and major incident processing will be transitioned from the Call Center to the Technical Operations Center (TOC). Also, according to Rose Harris (ITSMO), two new knowledge champions have been trained: Tanisha Hill, a Director in the Goizueta Business School and John Ellinger, Director of Digital Programs & Systems.

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