Dawn Francis-Chewning makes the Leadership Dekalb Class of 2016

Dawn Francis-Chewning has been selected for the The Leadership DeKalb Class of 2016. This class will be the largest ever for the organization, sporting 60 members.

During the 10-month program, the class will participate in full-day program sessions, community service projects, and police/fire ride-a-longs. The monthly sessions include topics on integrity and ethics, diversity and inclusion, history, arts and culture, government, justice, education, health and economic development.

According to their website, Leaderhip Dekalb “convenes current and emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds, informs them about vital issues for a thriving and forward-looking DeKalb County, and engages them to lead in ways that improve quality of life for all who live and work in DeKalb.”

Dawn was nominated by David Payne, Senior Director for Business & Adminstration. “The Class of 2016 shares a common desire to make a positive impact in DeKalb County,” said Payne. “As the Leadership Dekalb Program Chair, I look forward to engaging the class in a robust and meaningful program experience where they learn about the many facets of DeKalb and current issues.”

The application process included five essay questions:

  1. Describe three significant issues facing DeKalb County today.
  2. Describe your most important professional accomplishment/leadership role and explain why you view it as such.
  3. Describe your current employment position, being specific as to your responsibilities and role in the organization.
  4. All of us face ethical dilemmas – please describe an ethical dilemma you have experienced and discuss how you managed the situation. This can be a situation where you felt you had to stand alone in a decision or a situation where you took an unpopular stance for the right reasons.
  5. What is your personal motivation for participation in Leadership DeKalb?

“These are exciting times for Dekalb County,” said Dawn, “and I expect this experience to be quite remarkable. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent Emory.”

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